Woody and Chloe still get fan mail; this week from a teacher and from a great-grandparent

The pandemic pretty much shut down school operations across the state and without kids in school, we didn’t give a thought to having a Woody and Chloe series available for newspapers to publish.

Perhaps when schools get back to a normal schedule, we’ll hear from Leigh Anne Florence about another Woody/Chloe chapter series.

Proving newspapers are kept around, especially something like the Woody/Chloe series stories, Woody and Chloe are still in vogue across the state.

This week, Leigh Anne and the weiner dogs received some emails. One from a teacher wanting to use two of the publications this summer in a “learning camp” and another from a great-grandmother whose assembling some Woody/Chloe chapters and has followed each story series through the local newspaper.

Hello, my name is Ashlee Zimmer and my district (Hopkins County Schools in Madisonville, KY) is offering a summer school “learning loss” camp to enrich learning before the fall. Our 4th graders are focusing on a “Road Trip Across Kentucky” theme and we have chosen Woody to help us along! We plan to read “Tales from the Bluegrass” and “Tales from the Bluegrass II” for part of our reading curriculum. We would love to know if you would be available to speak with us virtually and let us meet Woody?! If this is something that is possible please let me know your cost and if dates in June are available? Preferably, the week of June 15-18.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Ashlee Zimmer

For several years, I have clipped the stories of Woody and Chloe that have appeared in our local newspaper. I’m trying to assemble them to read to my great grandchild who went to kindergarten this year. I’ve been online trying to organize them by date. I do have a couple questions though. I’ve seen that some stories have activity sheets that go with the for each chapter of the story. I didn’t find them for all the stories I have. What is the easiest way to find these online so I can print them out. The other question is – how many have been printed in the newspaper? I have 8. I brought a granddaughter to the Daviess County Library to see you and Woody several years ago. Really enjoyed it. Hope you can help with my questions. Thanks for all your work. You do a great job.

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