Woody, Chloe a hit at Boyle Forkland Festival

Woody and Chloe, Kentucky’s most famous pups as Alan Gibson of the Clinton County News refers to them, made an appearance last weekend at the Forkland Festival in Boyle County. Leigh Ann and Ron Florence sent a brief report and a couple of pictures.

“Woody, Chloe, Ron and I had a booth at The Forkland Festival in Boyle County. It seemed like every person that came to the booth talked about “reading Woody in the paper.”

“This one woman in the picture said “Is this Woody from the paper?” When I told her it was she said “My husband opens the paper and reads Woody before he will read anything else – and he gets mad at me if I don’t read it!”

“So she went and got her husband so he could meet Woody and have his picture made too.

“Never tire of hearing these stories!

“Thanks for making all this possible! – LA”

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