Woody, Chloe helping Cub Scout attain Webelo badge

Leigh Anne Florence, author of the Woody/Chloe series and most recently ‘Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass,” gets all kinds of notes from teachers, parents and grandparents about her series with Kentucky’s most famous dachshunds.

But this is probably the first where the series is being used to help a boy attain Webelo status in Cub Scouts. She passes along this note she received recently from Julia Moore:

I have been helping my 9 year old grandson work on his State Badge for Webelos. We were using the Herald Leader version of Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass to fulfill one of the requirements. Between our weekly work sessions, Jon Jay’s father helped Jon Jay clean his room, and now Dog Paddling is MIA. I have checked the FCP Library and Amazon, with no luck. Any help you can provide so we can purchase the book, and Jon Jay can finish the work for his Cub Scout badge would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help.”

So the series is being used far beyond just the classroom.

Leigh Anne is starting to work on potential storylines for this year’s Fall Chapter Series. She says one idea is a frontrunner but she hasn’t made a final decision yet. Be watching for information about the 2018 Fall Chapter Series. We’ll notify you later this Spring (Spring will arrive eventually) with the title and storyline in hopes that you’ll sign up your newspaper(s) to publish the 10-week series in the Fall.

If you aren’t familiar with Webelos (yours truly earned that badge about 61 years ago), here’s a link to the program: http://www.boyscouttrail.com/webelos/webelos-scouts.asp

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