Would you like to be queen/king for a day? How about ‘Journalist of the Year?’

Ok, that went right over the head of many of you because you’re much to young to remember the TV game show that opened with the announcer hollering, “Would YOU like to be Queen (King) for a day?”

We won’t be crowning a Queen or King but if a proposal being developed for the KPA News Editorial Division makes its way through the process, you could well be a “Journalist of the Year” within KPA.

Some changes in the KPA News contest are under consideration and one is to award that Journalist of the Year. As of right now, there would be one Weekly Journalist of the Year, one Daily Journalist of the Year and one Student Newspaper Journalist of the Year. The weekly division would include the three weekly divisions, multi-weekly and Associate Member Newspaper division.

Preliminary plans, and again this is a very, very, very rough draft, would be based on how each reporter does in the contest. Points will be awarded for each first, second and third place and the individual garnering the most points in the respective division will be named Journalist of the Year.

Again, it’s still in the planning stages and has to be approved by the KPA News Editorial Division. That and a few other changes are in consideration and will be announced mid-summer when the 2019 Newspaper Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers is prepared.

Stay tuned. There are some other tweaks in the KPA News Contest and those will be announced in the coming weeks.

Contest Particulars

The 2019 KPA News Contest and the 2019 Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers Contest encompasses all issues published between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019. The proposed entry deadline is Friday, October 18, 2019, giving you more than sufficient time to rummage through issues from the entry period and make your selections.

Both contests will be posted online  in early August. Notices of the posting will be in On Second Thought, and via email to publishers, editors and ad directors.

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