www.accesskpa.com makes printed news releases a thing of the past

Oh the days of sitting at the desk, opening envelope after envelope after envelope of news releases, everybody wanting their “news” placed in the newspaper.

It wasn’t, nor is it still, an easy process for those companies and agencies who send printed news releases through the mail, hoping an editor will at least open the envelope and will see the value of the news and then put it in the paper.

From the newspaper side, it was, and still can be, a tedious process. Someone had to turn those words on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper into words on a computer, filed somewhere on the computer or galleys then printed out and the releases proofed. Chances were 50-50 that the release would ever be put on the printed page.

KPA/KPS would get those releases from companies wanting their “news” to get out statewide. It was an expensive process for the customer, and time-consuming on our end. Time spent making 150 copies of each page, stuffed in an envelope, labeled, mailed by first class postage and then hoping the envelope would be opened. We never guaranteed any agency the release would be used — “buy advertising space if you want to make sure it gets published” — but we did tell those companies there’s a good chance at least the envelope would be opened. “Those are the same envelopes we use to mail checks and more important stuff to newspapers” so there’s a really good chance they’ll at least open the envelope.

Then along came accesskpa.com, an electronic way to disseminate those same releases to every newspaper. Instead of hours of copying and folding and stuffing and then the cost of the postage, we could take the release in that electronic way and have it in an editor’s inbox within minutes.

Yes, those companies and agencies still pay us to get the release out except it’s now a lot less costly. No paper, no labels, no envelopes, no copying expenses, no postage.

So make accesskpa.com a part of your routine. Take a minute, go to accesskpa.com, see what’s been posted for your use and then you determine if you want to use it or not. It’s especially beneficial when you need something to fill out a page so it’s ready to be put to bed. And instead of having to typeset it, you simply copy the text, put it in your news front and presto, it’s ready. In seconds, not several minutes.

We could easily send editors an email every time a new release is posted but we’ve heard you. It’s bothersome and you get enough junk mail already. So instead of filling your inbox in that method, we’re going to make accesskpa.com a regular part of On Second Thought. We’ll list by headline only the releases posted since the last On Second Thought and encourage/ask/plead/beg you to go to accesskpa.com to get those releases. Check it out now. Last Friday, we sent an email to editors with the releases that had been posted for the month. We’re not listing releases here this week since there have been no new ones. But we will show those new ones here in future weeks.

And for those companies using the old-fashioned way of distributing releases across the state, give us a call for a quote on getting your release into inboxes across the state within minutes, not days.

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