Yard sales are a ‘no-no’ for now because of concerns on how to do them safely

Like KPA, the governor’s office has been getting questions on whether yard (and garage) sales are permitted now that some of the restrictions are being lifted.

The answer is “No.” Governor Andy Beshear made that assessment last Wednesday during a Q&A at his press conference on COVID-19. The governor said there is concern about how to do those safely and until that is figured out, yard sales/garage sales are still not permitted.

You can access the June 3 press conference here —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klyDnfPPAdk&feature=youtu.be — and move the time bar over to 58:13 to hear the governor’s reasoning. “More cleaning, more PPE. It’s people’s stuff that others are coming up and touching.”

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