You can help a UL journalism student attend the KPA Winter Convention

$30. That’s all it takes, a mere $30 and with that you could sponsor a University of Louisville journalism student to attend the KPA Winter Convention.

Over the last few months, On Second Thought has had some articles about the cuts The Cardinal student publication has experienced. The Cardinal was subject of some deep cuts in UL’s budget and only through fund-raising efforts that involved a $15,000 contribution including US Congressman John Yarmuth and a $25,000 advertising commitment from the Interim President at UL has it continued. The Cardinal also set up a Go Fund Me page that has brought in outside contribution.

One can imagine then that the students want to stop relying solely on outside contributions.

Word came this week that because of the budget seriousness, UL students would not be able to attend the 2020 KPA Winter Convention. And although The Cardinal was one of the first to register for the KPA contests, chances are it won’t have many entries.

That’s where you can help out. College students that are members through the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association can attend the convention for a flat $30 fee. That includes the Friday lunch and then attending any of the programs on Friday. Maybe there’s a journalism student at UL who graduated from your local high school. Maybe you’re a graduate of UL and worked on The Cardinal. Or maybe you just want to help out some of the college students who for 2018 were named Most Valuable Members by 2018 KPA President Peter Baniak.

Whatever your reason, if you will contribute $30 to make sure a UL student has the opportunity to attend the convention, just email me at You don’t have to send any money now. Just let me know of your commitment, the amount and when registration opens in December for the January 23-24 event, we’ll send you an invoice.

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