You now have 6 attorneys to help you on the KPA FOI Hotline

Perhaps no one connected with the newsrooms of Kentucky newspapers needs an introduction to Jon Fleischaker. He’s been advising newspapers and KPA on any number of legal issues since the mid-1970s. He’s the “father” of the Open Meetings/Records laws dating back to 1974 when they were first passed by the General Assembly, has been the chief contact on the KPA Freedom of Information Hotline since it was established in the mid-1980s and remains general counsel to KPA.

Not long ago, Jon moved to Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird law firm in Louisville and KPA kept its FOI Hotline with him, to continue the relationship with the state’s foremost media attorney.

Some of you may have met Michael Abate at the Winter Convention in January or have already talked with him about a legal question you needed answered.

The hotline now has six attorneys with Kaplan Johnson Abate & Bird who stand ready to answer your question(s) and help you in various situations. Perhaps you’ve been shut out of a court proceeding, or told to turn over files, notes or photos to a judge, or heard a public agency board held an illegal meeting or whether a political ad you’ve received might contain libelous wording. For almost whatever situation it might be, the KPA FOI Hotline stands ready to help you get a satisfactory remedy to the situation.

All it costs is the long distance phone call to Louisville — 502-416-1630 — and ask to speak to one of these attorneys. Identify yourself, your newspaper and that you’re calling on the KPA Hotline. State your question or situation and you’ll probably have a resolution within minutes.

Here are the attorneys who can help you:

Jon Fleischaker –

Michael Abate –

Casey Hinkle –

Andrea Aikin –

Heather Harrell –

Cassie Chambers Armstrong –

Michael Abate

Casey Hinkle

Jon Fleischaker

Andrea Aikin

Heather Harrell

Cassie Chambers Armstrong

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