Your action is needed now! Ask your Congressional delegation to pass Safe Harbor bill

From the News Media Alliance

As you know, despite record demand for our content, many newspapers remain strained financially. We know that our ability to build a sustainable digital future for journalism will depend, in large part, on our ability to get a better deal from Facebook and Google. The platforms not only control monetization of the digital news audience, they also actively and purposefully manage what kinds of news people are exposed to and when.

The good news is that our elected officials are starting to acknowledge that the current situation is not sustainable. This spring, key legislators in the House and Senate came together, on a bipartisan basis, to introduce the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA). This legislation, H.R. 2504 in the House and S.1700 in the Senate, will give our industry a much-needed safe harbor from antitrust law so we can collectively negotiate more favorable terms from the dominant online platforms.

We are incredibly grateful to the authors of this legislation – Representatives Cicilline (D-R) and Collins (R-GA), along with Senators Kennedy (R-LA) and Klobuchar (D-MN) – but introduction of these measures is just a first step. To build on our momentum from the spring, we are reaching out to ask you to contact your federal elected officials and ask that they cosponsor this legislation.

Click here to contact your Member of Congress and tell them to support a one-time safe harbor for news publishers in order to develop more equitable and fair rules for the digital ecosystem.


Thank you for your support! Support from members’ constituent publishers will help build momentum for the legislation when Congress is back in session in the fall. Click here  to run our editorial, “Why an Anti-Trust Safe Harbor Is the Answer the News Business Needs.”


Current laws prohibit news publishers from taking collective action by negotiating with the large online platforms to develop common rules of the game. In the absence of a safe harbor, these online giants will continue to entrench their dominant position in the online ad market and as de facto regulators of free speech on the internet. The JCPA would provide news publishers with a limited opportunity to negotiate together and to withhold content from the online platforms during the negotiations, while presenting a sensible, market-based solution to a major threat to the future of high-quality journalism.


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