Your mailbox never heard from us so much

Well, at least in the last several years it hasn’t because we’ve relied on other ways of communicating with you. But because of the 150th Anniversary, and some actions by the KPA Board of Directors, we’re relying on the mail to get a lot of information out to our members.

The invitations to the 150th Anniversary Gala are in the printing process and we’ll notify you when they are mailed. We’ll probably mail one or two invitations to each newspaper plus selected individuals from within and without the association. But we’ll give you notice when the invitations are ready to be mailed.

Publishers in District 11 and 12 received a mailing about the Board elections in those districts.

It’s time to elect a Vice President of KPA for 2019 and publishers have received a letter and proxy ballot for voting for now three individuals who were approved by the KPA Board.

Then there’s a proxy ballot in process now about the KPA dues structure and a five-year phase in plan to increase full member dues by 2.5 percent each year over that time.

And speaking of dues, we in the process of billing all our members for 2019 dues. By mail, of course.

Publishers receive the district Board ballots, the Vice President ballots and the business meeting ballot on dues because the Bylaws require one vote per newspaper and any business matters.

There may be some more mailings on the horizon so watch for a KPA envelope. When we mail things to our members, it’s for a reason and we hope you’ll take note and open each one.

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