News-Journal Publisher: First-time candidate finds himself as Mayor ProTem

Trent Knuckles said he had had enough. Decisions were being made that weren’t well thought out, and were detrimental or destructive to the city of Corbin. Those bad decisions came because of jealousy or out of pettiness. And the city government had become “inordinately secretive.” So the Corbin News Journal publisher decided to run for Corbin City Commission. His first […]

Free for a week

Don’t have to tell you how important the general election on Tuesday was to Kentucky and to America. Probably one of the most cussed and discussed elections in many, many years. The Lexington Herald-Leader was one newspaper recognizing that this election was one where people needed access to everything they could find about the candidates, the issues and voting so […]

A phone call very appreciated

The phone rang Thursday and I was told it was from a person in Marion County. That’s all the information that was relayed to me. When I picked up the call, I learned it was from a school board member there and I thought, “Oh, here we go. Get ready to defend the newspaper.” Nothing like that at all. The […]

Mountain Advocate goes to Facebook Live to cover the election

With all the technology available, it isn’t impossible for a newspaper to be a community’s television station, especially at a time when events are taking place that the public wants to know about immediately. No longer do they have to wait four, five or six days for the next newspaper issue. With websites, social media, Facebook and now Facebook Live, […]

We’ll just sit and wait for 2017 Legislative session to begin

We can’t even fathom what’s going to happen come January and the 2017 legislative session begins. With Republicans now in control of the House, two branches of government belong to the GOP — the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. Committee make up of all House committees will have a different look as the GOP moves from minority, with very few […]

Maybe the clerk’s office should read the newspaper

I’m sure polling places around the state were quite hectic Tuesday what with one of the largest voter turnouts in recent memory expected. The Georgetown News Graphic did an advance story on Tuesday’s election and quoted Scott County Clerk Rebecca Johnson stating she thought turnout there would be higher than the state’s average. In fact, a 70 percent turnout would […]

Harrodsburg Herald rolls out new website

The Harrodsburg Herald’s website has a new look. The site features a clean and updated feel and is more user-friendly. Stories and issues important to the community are being placed front and center on the main page. Top stories will be easily located by a scrolling view of headlines and pictures. A breaking news ticker will run at the top of the screen for easy access to late breaking stories. Just below the top stories will be access to the latest eedition as well as links to area news and local sports. No matter what device customers view the website on, it will be readable and user­-friendly. So if accessing the page on a tablet or smartphone, it will be resized for that device. The event calendar will feature more details for each event, so the community can keep up-­to-­date with the happenings in the area. “We are excited about the changes to the website. We think it will provide a much better experience for our viewers when they visit,” said Managing Editor Daarik Gray. “We want to keep up with the latest trends in the newspaper industry, and we believe this is a step in the right direction.”

Ledger Independent inviting Book Reviews sought by readers

Student reviews of books are sought by The Maysville Ledger Independent as part of its Young Readers Review program, in conjunction with NIE, Newspapers In Education series. Submissions are encouraged by school age children in the following counties: Mason, Bracken, Fleming, Lewis and Robertson counties in Kentucky and Adams and Brown counties in Ohio. Students will read a book, then write a brief summary in 150 words or less. Reviews will be randomly selected and published on Wednesdays in The Ledger Independent. The review must include: • Paragraph 1: Information about the student, including name, school, grade and reading interests. • Paragraph 2: Title and author of book being reviewed, with enough information on characters, setting, and short overview that will draw the audience’s interest, but not give away too much information. • Paragraph 3: One or two sentences encouraging future readers to read this book. The concept of the Young Readers Review is for the author to write down his/her thoughts and words about a book they have read. Submissions are published in the B Section of The Ledger Independent during the school year. Entries may be brought to the Ledger Independent office at 120 Limestone Street, Maysville; emailed to Sally Teegarden (in a Word Document format) at saltee76@hotmail.com; or mailed to Jennifer Marshall, Reader Review Entry, P.O. Box 518, Maysville, KY 41056.

Commonwealth Journal and Public Notices

The Somerset Commonwealth Journal recently published its editorial ‘Public notices in newspapers best serve the public interest’ and then followed up a week later with a story about the public notice issue in front of the legislature. The story, by long-time/now retired editor of the Commonwealth Journal Bill Mardis, includes comments from area legislators on their position with public notices in […]

4 threats to the media under President Trump

By Callum Borchers, The Washington Post President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants U.S. libel standards to mirror those of England, home of Sky News, which displayed the news of Trump’s victory early Wednesday.  President-elect Donald Trump said during the campaign that he was “running against the crooked media.” He referred to journalists as “dishonest,” “disgusting” and “scum.” But beyond the insults […]